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At Ride the World (Australia), we offer you the freedom that motorcycling gives.

We say we are ‘Taking Everyone for a ride‘, so how do we do that?
If you are a rider, we organise for individuals or groups, rides in Australia and Internationally to motorcycle events as well as along well known roads and some great back roads.

If you are not a rider, we organise rides in and from Sydney, Australia on the back of American V Twin motorcycles and German built Motor-trikes.

Outside of Australia we arrange motorcycle tours and rentals. We also have special tours, we refer to as Bike-It List Rides on which we actually travel with the groups or individuals, it’s like a bucket list on two wheels.

For information about what we offer please use the ‘Our Menu’ which is either to the left or the end of this page.

You are welcome to explore our website.

We look forward to hearing from you as you plan, book, experience and return from your Motorcycle Adventures.

Ride one of our favourite destinations during the amazing festival of Holi.
One of the team has a new jacket.

If you still couldn’t find it, simply contact us by going to the Contact Us button at the top of this page or the menu item Contact Us.

The Ride The World (Australia) Team.

Please note, We are not associated with any other businesses called Ride The World.