Welcome to Ride the World (Australia)

Motorcycle rides are what we do at Ride the World (Australia). Whether you ride as a pillion or as a rider on a private or group ride. We can help you with our motorcycle rides.

We say we take everyone for a ride as it doesn’t matter if you can or cannot ride a motorcycle as we offer different experiences to everyone.

Here are samples of what we can do for you:

Have you have wondered what the attraction of motorcycling is?

It is interesting to talk with people who don’t ride a motorcycle and never have. There are as many reasons as there are people giving them. We offer you the opportunity to find out by riding as a pillion on the back of one of our fleet.

You or your relative used to ride years ago and have not had the opportunity to do it again.

This provides an opportunity relive that rebellious youth. We have had passengers who would reminisce to us by telling us during the ride of their riding days. This is popular as a gift for an older relative or just for yourself.

You have been thinking of taking up riding but are not sure.

If you are thinking of getting a motorcycle or motor scooter and are not sure. Come for one of our motorcycle rides on the back of one of our fleet. Along the way we will stop for a chat about our and what could be your passion. We’ll even shout you a non-alcoholic drink when we stop.

There is you and your motorcycle but who to ride with?

You may have just brought your first motorcycle or motor scooter and would like to ride with someone. You may be, you have returned and just need to ‘get back into the saddle’.

Your partner wants to ride with you but you can’t take them.

You may have the situation where your partner wants to go on a ride with you and you cannot carry a pillion. Your level of licence does not allow it or there is no back seat. We can take your pillion and go on the motorcycle rides with you.

You are not sure about only having two wheels under you.

We also have motor-trikes on fleet for those who would like the security of a third wheel or travel together on the same vehicle.

We do guided tours.

One of our team is a professional member of the Institute of Australian Tour Guides. We can provide you with a guided tourist ride. If not and you are a pillion, just a sit on the back and enjoy the scenery. Guided tours are also available or private or group rides. These tours go from a few hours to as long as you want. This can also be done on one of our motor-trikes.

Travelling further afield.

If you are looking to do some touring and just want to go without having to spend time on the organisation, we offer that as well. We also do support vehicle for your extended rides so your have your luggage carried and when your pillions needs time out from the backseat, a seat in our vehicle.

When the borders have opened and it’s time to see the world.

If you are looking at riding overseas have a look at our associated business Ride The World Motorcycle Tours who operates with their network of partners across the world to provide you with ‘Experiences beyond the ride’. Whether these be in a group, guided or escorted, preplanned itineraries with accommodation or simply renting a motorcycle and doing it yourself.

Please have a look around our site and see if you find something, if not contact us and let us know what you are thinking about doing.

We looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you as we ride together.

We are currently rebuilding this site in the meantime please visit us at Ride The World Motorcycle Tours