A summer ride with a United Nations of motorcycle brands.

Our Team member David takes a ride with his and our friends. Following is his story.

A lot of riders are so loyal to the brand of their motorcycle they will not ride with riders of other brands. This is not something I can do as my riding friends have been there with me though all the brands I have had and tried. I have reciprocated to their brand journeys, so it’s only fair.

A friend asked if I would put a ride together as he was getting motorcycle riding withdrawals. I knew the local area rides I would do would be out of contention for the chosen day as the was a charity event involving cyclist riding from Sydney to Wollongong. So I sent message went out to my riding group to see who was interested and available.
By Saturday afternoon, we were a riding party of five.
I was contacted late Saturday by one who had to work as a 3 hour job had come in.
Come Sunday morning as I prepared to leave for the meeting point, another of the remaining four texted to advise they wouldn’t be able to make it.

So it was to be just the 3 of us on the variety of motorcycles.

The oldest motorcycle was a 1986 BMW K100RS
German made, fuel injected 987cc (60.2 Cubic Inches), 5 gears and shaft drive.

The next oldest was my 1997 Kawasaki 1000GTR
Japanese made, carburettored 997cc (60.8 Cubic Inches) 6 gears and shaft drive.

The final was a brand new Harley Davidson Road Glide Special with the new Milwaukee Eight 107 Cubic Inch (1753cc) 6 gears and belt drive.

Thinking about it, the two who couldn’t make it had different brands yet again.

There were a lot more differences in the style and design of the motorcycles travelling and in the case of the Harley Davidson, it had standard equipment which was not even thought of when the other two were produced.
Also the Harley engine was almost the size the other 2 combined and all we could say was. “That bike has POWER”.

The point of commonality was, we were just going for a day ride with mates.
I had planned a ride with a variety of surfaces and layout. No gravel as I would have had a ‘I will not proceed’ situation on my hands not caused by any of the motorcycles but not everyone likes riding off the bitumen. The roads we travelled highlighted each motorcycle’s design strengths as we experienced freeway to back roads with hairpins and at times these back roads were also quite narrow.

Very rare for motorcycle owners, we swapped motorcycles along the way. When I was given the opportunity to ride the Harley, I kept mentally calling Mae West as it was definitely buxom. The fairing is large and has been put to good use with glove boxes, entertainment system and the usual instruments.  Once I became accustom to the size it wasn’t as ponderous or the major hinderance I thought it would be as we travelled one of the the back roads section of teh ride.

The BMW and Kawasaki just did what they have been doing for years. Providing the entertainment of road riding as they do not have the modern entertainment systems.

Enough of my ramblings. Following you will find some pictures taken along the way.

The first River Crossing on the Sackville Ferry

Arrival for Morning Tea time at the Ebenezer Church.

A little confusion on what goes where.

No confusion when you get told what’s what.

Just prior to consumption,

With full tummies we are ready to ride.

The view from the Lower Portland Ferry

Crossing on the Wisemans Ferry ferry

Unbelievably not everyone rides motorcycles!

What’s in common? They’re both motorcycles.

A different view at the last stop of the day. The Pie In The Sky aka the PITS.


These rides can also be done commercially through www.ridetheworld.com.au  if you want company to ride with as none of your friends ride or want to see what the roads have offer and are not sure where to go with your friends, we look forward to sharing them with you.

If you do not ride but want to try it, we can even take pillions.

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