About Us

Though we are Ride The World (Australia) we offer rides in Australia and anywhere in the world.
We are not associated with any other businesses called Ride The World.
At Ride the World (Australia) we love to Take Everyone for a Ride in the best possible way, on motorcycle and motortrike rides.

Who are we?

We are a group of Australian riders who have ridden our ‘Big Brown Land’ and ventured to other countries in search of ‘The Road’ and new friendships.

We have organised tours and short trips to share with our friends and clients and forward to sharing future ones with you.

We have a Professional member of the Institute of Australian Tour Guide as one of our number. He helps us create our itineraries and often leads them.
In and around Sydney we take people for rides on American V Twins and Motor Trikes and for those who ride themselves we guide rides from a few hours to weeks away, depending on what you require.
Aside from motorcycling we lead varieties of groups by different means of transport. These journeys can be anywhere in the world.


We can also help with A Santa on a Harley. For more details click here.


Meet our team.

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