Senior’s and Veteran’s Pillion Rides

Senior’s and Veteran’s Pillion Rides

We take everyone for a ride, and sometimes we help bring back their great riding memories.

The years have passed, and sometimes there is a flashback to your motorcycle riding days. You were either on the front seat riding on your own, with a group of friends or with a special person on the backseat; maybe you were the person on the bag seat. We offer you a ride done memory lane aboard our Harley Davidson.

Reliving the riding life.
How long are the rides?

Your ride can be 1 to as many hours as you want. There will be stops along the way for photos and your convenience.

What will we ride on?

If it is just you wanting to get back out there and ride, we have a Harley Davidson.

For Motorcycles prices, click here for Motorcycle Pillion Rides.

What’s included?

A helmet or helmets with intercom, jacket/s and gloves are supplied.

To ensure we have the correct sizes at the time of booking, please advise us of your approximate weight and height so we can provide the proper fitment for your helmet, jacket and gloves.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, please refer to our We’re Covid safe page.

What do I need to bring?

On the day, you will need long pants and enclosed footwear. Remember to bring a camera and/or video to record those special moments. You may also wish to bring sunscreen, lip balm, moisturiser, and a water bottle.

What if the weather is bad or I cannot travel?

If the weather forecast is for bad weather or there is a reason the ride cannot occur, you will be contacted and offered an alternate date; if you cannot travel on the alternative date, you will receive a full refund.

If we encounter unexpected rain, wet weather clothing is carried on all rides just in case.

Are there any restrictions?

The motorcycle passenger must be a senior’s card or Veteran’s card holder to be able to take this ride.

There is a passenger weight restriction of 100 kg on the motorcycle.

If the rider deems the pillion unsuitable for riding, the passenger will be refused travel. These may include a passenger under the influence of alcohol, abusive or rude.

All riders are authorised by New South Wales Point to Point.

For our pillion rides, our bookings are made with Trike Trips which are authorised by New South Wales Point to Point. Trike Trips has public liability insurance and is accredited with the New South Wales Point To Point, Accreditation number BSP-401716.

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