Booking Terms and Conditions for Pillion Rides

At the time of booking, please advise us of the approximate weight and height of all passengers so that we can ensure the correct fitment of your jacket. 

Please advise us if you have any special requirements, and we will try to assist.

We supply helmet, jacket and gloves.

You will need long pants, enclosed footwear and a camera and/or video.

We can arrange a motor trike, which is suitable for two passengers wishing to travel together. The price for using the motor trike is the same price for one or two passengers. Please ask us for advice.

In the event of bad weather or unsuitable road conditions, you will be informed that the ride should be rescheduled. You will receive a full refund if the ride cannot be rescheduled.

Wet weather clothing is carried on all rides in case of unexpected rain.

The total passenger weight restriction is 200 kg for the trike and 120 kg for the motorcycle.

It is at the discretion of the driver to refuse passage to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, abusive or rude.

There is an age limit on both the trikes and bikes of 8 years.  The driver will assess each passenger, and if the driver deems the passenger unsuitable to ride for whatever reason, that passenger will be refused travel.

These rides and taken in conjunction with Trike Trips. New South Wales Point authorises all riders to Point and Trike Trips has public liability insurance and is accredited with the New South Wales ‘Point To Point’, Accreditation number BSP-401716.

Please use the following form if you have any enquiries.

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