Ride for a pie and views – Escorted Ride

A day trip south out of Sydney (251 km – On bike time 4 hours 15 minutes).

A motorcycle ride starting at Sutherland and returning to Sutherland. This is a great ride, popular with the local riders. It offers scenic views, diverse landscapes, challenging roads and a popular pie shop.

The journey begins in Sutherland a suburb in southern Sydney, where you arrive with a full tank before meeting the others on the ride. From here, we head south through the Royal National Park, one of Australia’s oldest and largest national parks. The park is home to various wildlife (which we hope we will not meet), flora and fauna, stunning rock formations, waterfalls and beaches. Enjoy the winding roads and the fresh air as you ride through the lush forest and along the coast. The speed limit is heavily enforced so stay behind the ride leader.

The first stop is Bald Hill Lookout, a popular spot for hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts. From here, we can enjoy the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the Illawarra escarpment. We can also see the Sea Cliff Bridge, a remarkable engineering feat that curves over the water for 665 metres. The bridge is part of the Grand Pacific Drive, a scenic route following the Southern Sydney coastline to Wollongong. We will cross the bridge, ride up Bulli Pass and continue south to Mt Keira lookout, another vantage point that offers spectacular views of Wollongong, the harbour and the mountains.

From Mt Keira, we head south to the Macquarie Pass then ride up to the Robertson Pie Shop, a famous destination for riders and travellers alike. The shop serves delicious pies, pastries, cakes, and hot and cold drinks. We will take a break and enjoy a bite while mingling with other riders and locals. After satisfying our appetites, we resume our ride and take the Tourist Road; we need to be careful as the road in places is narrow and twisty. We turn onto the Old South Road which was the road once used between Sydney and Melbourne.

We head to Appin via a narrow, twisty road into and out of Broughton Pass. The pass is a historic bridge that crosses the Cataract River and along the way offers a glimpse of rural countryside.

The final stretch of the ride takes us to Sublime Point, a cliff that overlooks the Illawarra region. Here we will see one of the most breathtaking views in New South Wales.

We return to the road for our second last stop at Legendary Fish and Chip at Waterfall, a friendly restaurant that serves fresh seafood and chips. After our break, we ride back to our starting point Sutherland.

Please note that we reserve the right to remain adaptable to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions that may arise while on tour; the daily schedule may be adjusted accordingly. Your ride remains paramount to us and we will ensure the ride meets your fullest expectations. 

DEPARTURE / RETURN LOCATIONSutherland / Sutherland


Tour Dates:

TourDate fromDate toBooking deadline
Ride for a pie and viewsDailyDaily2 weeks prior

Prices (AUD) Australian Dollars

Escorted Ride:

1 Person / Own Motorcycle/Motor Scooter: $300.00 per person

2 People / Own Motorcycle/Motor Scooter: $150.00 per person

If due to your licence or permit restrictions, your pillion can ride on the escort’s Harley Davidson. This is priced as 2 People / Own Motorcycle/Motor Scooter plus a $100.00 surcharge,

2 People / 1 chauffeured trike: $660.00 total.

Rental motorcycles can be arranged.

For a group of 5 riders or more, please get in touch with us.

For a price for a group of riders, please get in touch with us.

Starting from other locations can be by arrangement and may incur a surcharge.

The above information should only be taken as a guide, as things can change.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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