The Pacific, the Great Divide and the Plains – 9 Days

Total riding distance – 1,792 km / 1,114 miles.

Seven riding days of discovering what this part of New South Wales offers: exhilarating roads, breathtaking scenery, nature, animals, and lots of history of mechanical, natural, and human endeavours.

The tour takes you along the Pacific Coast, riding up The Great Dividing Range and onto the Western Slopes. This provides a great variety of roads, from twisty mountain ones to open highways. We try to stay off the main highways, though, at times, they are the best way to get you to the next bit of interesting road.

Some of the roads are well-known to local riders. The food stops have been personally chosen for what they offer and their variety.

Below, you will find the daily itinerary.

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you as you discover an Australia you do not know about.




Day 01: Arrival Sydney

Accommodation: Rydges Sydney Harbour.

Included Meals: Dinner

Day 02: Sydney to Gloucester (Ride day: 376 km / 234 miles)

After collecting our motorcycles, we escape the suburbs and cruise through the scenic roads. Our first stop is the charming Grey Gums Café. Here, we have some delicious bites and coffee to kickstart our adventure.

We return to Putty Road and head towards Morpeth, exploring its historical charm and maybe grabbing a bite at one of the local spots.

Back on the road, and as we cruise to Gloucester, we are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Here we will stop for our first night on tour.

Accommodation: The Gloucester Country Lodge.

Included Meals: Breakfast and Dinner.

Day 03: Gloucester to Port Macquarie (Ride day: 178 km / 110 miles)

We kick things off at Breakfast Roadies Cafe in Gloucester, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the rumble of engines blend into the perfect symphony.

Next up, a pit stop at The National Motorcycle Museum, indulging our passion for two-wheeled history. The road calls, and we answer, cruising to Greenhouse Café in Nabiac for a lunch break that’s as satisfying as the ride.

Our journey continues to North Brother Lookout, offering panoramic views that’ll take your breath away. Tacking Point Lighthouse beckons, standing tall against the coastal breeze as we soak in the maritime beauty.

A detour to the Koala Hospital Track, where our hearts melt at the sight of these adorable creatures, adds a touch of wildlife to our adventure. Finally, we roll into Port Macquarie, where the day’s ride concludes with a sunset that paints the sky in hues of orange and pink.

Accommodation: Rydges Port Macquarie.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Day 04: Port Macquarie to Tamworth (Ride day: 320 km / 200 miles)

Having had breakfast and motorcycles loaded up we leave Port Macquarie, the sun painting the sky as we cruise through Wauchope, and preparing ourselves to ride the legendary Oxley Highway.

The first pit stop? Gingers Creek Café, where the aroma of coffee blends with the thrill of the ride. Energised, we push on to the mesmerising Aspley Falls, a moment of calm amidst the twists and turns.

As the road unfolds, we roll into Walcha, and the Royal Café beckons for a lunch break filled with great food choices. Ready for a detour, we take the road less travel to experience an amazing backroad through the corners of Port Stephens Cutting.

The grand finale awaits in Tamworth at the Powerhouse Hotel by Rydges. We park our steel steeds and immerse ourselves in the history of motorcycles at the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum after a day of conquering asphalt.

Accommodation: Powerhouse Hotel by Rydges.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Day 05: A day ride around the area (Ride day: 206 km / 128 miles)

With Breakfast eaten, we are ready to ride to Nundle. We glide through the bends, passing the farms and spend a little time at Chaffy Dam. We then return to the road to Nundle.

Having had a good look at the attractions of Nundle, our next stop – Bob’s Shed in Quirindi, a haven for car and motorcycle enthusiasts. We soak in the treasures and stories that reside within, surrounded by the essence of the riding and driving community. A lunch break in Quirindi fuels our bodies for the next leg of our journey.

The Australian Railway Museum at Werris Creek invites us to explore the rich history of the NSW rails before we ride to the Oxley Scenic Lookout. We have a panoramic view of Tamworth and the surrounding area from here.

We ride through Tamworth; we check up on one of its major attractions, The Big Golden Guitar, a symbol of the country music capital. We now head back to the hotel and dinner at a different place.

Accommodation: Powerhouse Hotel by Rydges.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Day 06: Tamworth to Mudgee (Ride day: 339 km / 211 miles)

We leave Tamworth and head south to the Hunter Warbirds; here, we immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of aviation history.

The next stop is Denman, where we refuel both bikes and bellies with a delightful lunch surrounded by the charm of this town. The engines rumble as we hit the iconic Bylong Valley Way, cruising through its scenic twists and turns, a playground for every motorcycle enthusiast.

As the road unfolds, we find ourselves at the Robert Stein Winery and Motorcycle Museum in Mudgee—a perfect blend of two worlds – the elegance of wine and the history of motorcycles.

With the day winding down, we ride to our accommodation for the night in Mudgee.

Accommodation: Parklands Resort.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Day 07: Mudgee to Bathurst (Ride day: 164 km / 102 miles)

Our journey starts from Mudgee, the morning sun casting a golden glow as we hit the road toward Hill End.

As we ride through the scenic route, the historic charm of Hill End welcomes us. The echoes of the Gold Rush era surround us, a lesson in Australia’s Gold Rush history. We try to experience the gold fields life in the museum, soaking in the stories of this once-booming mining town.

Next, we roll into Sofala, a quaint village frozen in time. The heritage buildings and narrow streets add a touch of nostalgia to our ride.

It’s time to head to Bathurst, the iconic Mount Panorama beckoning. We will have time to ride the track, but be warned on non-race days; this is public, and the 60 kilometres per hour speed limit is enforced. We overnight in Bathurst and enjoy our last night together on the road.

Accommodation: Rydges Mount Panorama.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Day 08: Bathurst to Sydney (Ride day: 209 km / 130 miles)

Leaving Bathurst, the city of motorsports, behind, today’s journey takes us through the scenic route via Tarana, where the roads weave through picturesque landscapes.

A pit stop in Bilpin on the Bells Line of Road adds the perfect touch to our last day on the road. Surrounded by nature, we refuel with a cup of coffee and delicious food.

We return to the road with our next stop at Fraser Motorcycles in Strathfield—a chance for the last-minute Harley Davidson memento. From here, we will soon return to our Motorcycles and then into the city for our last dinner together.

Tonight will be the time to relive our days on the road and share the experiences we have had together.

Accommodation: Rydges Sydney Harbour.

Included Meals: Breakfast and Farewell Dinner.

Day 09: Departure day unless you are extending.

You’re pretty much on your own today, our crew will be hanging around to help and say goodbye.

Please note that we reserve the right to remain adaptable to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions that may arise while on tour; the daily schedule may be adjusted accordingly. Your tour remains paramount; we will ensure the tour meets your fullest expectations. 

Tour Dates:

TourDate fromDate toBooking deadline
The Pacific, the Great Divide and the Plains 20-Sep- 2528-Sep-2520-Jul-24
Riding Season – Spring

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Motorcycle Fuel
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Support vehicle with snacks, water, first aid kit and luggage.
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