Ride Australia’s Southeast – 15 Days

Total riding distance – 3,516 km / 2,185 miles

This tour was designed by us for Freedom Biker Tours and Ride The World Motorcycle Tours and we will take you on an epic once-in-a-lifetime journey through Australia’s Southeast and the States of New South Wales, Victoria, and Australia’s Capital Territory, riding the world-famous Great Ocean Road, the historic interior, the Snowy Mountains, and much more…

Your 15-night Bucket-List Experience begins and ends in Sydney, New South Wales

Reserve your spot early… Limited Availability…

Motorcycles Included: Harley-Davidsons and BMWs

Join us for your Throttle Therapy ‘Downunder’.



Day #1: Saturday, 22 March 2025Sydney, NSW.

Included Meals: N/A,

Arrival Day,

Welcome to Sydney. Ride The World Motorcycle Tours will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. It’s been a long flight, so today is a day of rest.

Tomorrow, we will do some exploring of Sydney.

Accommodation: Hilton Hotel Sydney.

Day #2: Sunday, 23 March 2025Adventures in Sydney, NSW.

Included Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

After breakfast, we will go to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and enjoy the Bridge Climb Sydney experience. It is a cool way to see and experience the views of Sydney and the harbour area.

Following the bridge climb, we’ll walk over to ‘The Rocks’ historic area of Sydney and around Circular Quay to the world-famous Sydney Opera House.

Late afternoon, we will enjoy a Sydney Harbour Tall Ship Twilight Dinner Cruise after which we will review the days ahead and have a safety briefing and sign waivers, etc. Have your questions ready.

Accommodation: Hilton Hotel Sydney.

Day #3: Monday, 24 March 2025Sydney, NSW to Shellharbour, NSW.

Riding: 149 Kilometres | 93 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

After breakfast, we pick up our motorcycles and embark on an exhilarating motorcycle tour starting in the vibrant city of Sydney.

After collecting our motorcycles, we cruise across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and ride through the wooded Royal National Park. At its southern end, we stop at Bald Hill Lookout to see the sweeping coastline views ahead.

We then ride to Symbio Wildlife Park, which offers close encounters with Australia’s diverse wildlife.

Returning to the road, we head south to cross the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge, a marvel of engineering perched above the azure waters of the South Pacific Ocean.

We ride up the escapement to the Mount Keira Lookout, which provides a panoramic view of Wollongong and its suburbs. Returning to the coast, we reach the coastal town of Shellharbour where we rest for the night.

Accommodation: Shellharbour Resort & Conference Centre.

Day #4: Tuesday, 25 March 2025 – Shellharbour, NSW to Batemans Bay, NSW.

Riding: 246 Kilometres | 153 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Kickstands up 08:30. We start the day in the coastal haven of Shellharbour and head for the hills.

We ride up Macquarie Pass, which is a very popular motorcycling road. Reaching the top of the pass, we stop at the renowned Robertson Pie Shop for a savoury pit stop, where hearty delights (pies of all types) await us. The coffee is a bonus.

With full bellies, we descend to the small town of Jamberoo and climb again to Saddleback Mountain Lookout. The climb is a winding uphill ride, and the reward is the breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific coastal landscape from the lookout.

Returning to the coast on a narrow scenic road, we visit the iconic Kiama Blow Hole, which demonstrates the power of nature in a mesmerising spectacle.

We ride along the coast to the charming town of Berry, which offers a quirky cafe with a dairy theme.

Our next stop is the Fleet Air Arm Museum, which takes us through Australia’s naval aviation history.

The final stretch to Batemans Bay, but first, we will stop at Fuel East Lynne to see the motorcycle collection and maybe sneak in a milkshake.

Accommodation: Mariners on the Waterfront Hotel.

Day #5: Wednesday, 26 March 2025 – Batemans Bay, NSW to Cann River, Vic.

Riding: 322 Kilometres | 200 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Kickstands up 08:30. After breakfast we depart Batemans Bay for more coastal riding. We continue south; our first stop n’ stretch is Central Tilba, where we visit the Cheese Factory.

We have been riding on the highway, and now we turn off onto some backroads through the picturesque towns of Bermagui and Tathra.

The next stop is Oaklands Cafe in Pambula. Here we are treated to a delightful choice of sumptuous meals to satisfy any hunger pains we might have.

After our break, we ride to the coastal town of Eden and explore the local maritime history at the Killer Whale Museum. Here, we are taken back to the whaling days with a fascinating story about a Killer Whale called Tom.

Having left Eden behind us, we leave New South Wales and cross into the State of Victoria and onto tonight’s overnight stop at Cann River. Tonight, we experience an authentic Aussie pub and even better, Aussie pub food.

Accommodation: Cann River Hotel.

Day #6: Thursday, 27 March 2025Cann River, Vic to Phillip Island, Vic.

Riding: 486 Kilometres | 302 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Kickstands up 08:30. We have a good day’s ride ahead of us. After breakfast we cruise west as we ride and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Lakes Entrance, where waterways weave through the landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop.

We stay on Highway 1 to the town of Sale for lunch, and after we are fully fed we return to the road as The Grand Prix Circuit Visitor Centre awaits, offering a thrilling detour for motorsports enthusiasts, providing insights into the excitement and history of high-speed racing.

Tonight’s overnight stop is in Cowes. Cowes is nestled on Phillip Island and is a relaxing bayside point.

Accommodation: North Pier Hotel, Cowes.

Day #7: Friday, 28 March 2025 -Phillip Island, Vic to Apollo Bay, Vic.

Riding: 138 Kilometres / 86 Miles (includes one ferry crossing)

Included Meals: Breakfast

Kickstands up 08:30. After leaving Cowes, we ride to Sorrento Pier, where a ferry crossing makes this trip not just a ROAD trip. We enjoy a 40-minute voyage across Port Phillip Bay to Queenscliff.

After reaching Queenscliff, we hit the road and head for Torquay for lunch. Then, we visit the Australian National Surfing Museum, a tribute to the nation’s surfing culture.

We stop at Winki Pop to check out Bells Beach, renowned among surfers worldwide and made even more famous as the location of the final scene of the original Point Break movie.

We continue our ride and will soon be on the Great Ocean Road and a stop n’ stretch at The Memorial Arch at Eastern View. Here, we will learn the backstory of the Great Ocean Road. We now ride to our overnight stop, the coastal town of Apollo Bay, with its backdrop of stunning ocean views.

Accommodation: Best Western Apollo Bay.

Day #8: Saturday, 29 March 2025 – Apollo Bay, Vic to Warrnambool, Vic.

Riding: 171 Kilometers | 107 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Kickstands up 08:00. Today, we ride more of the Great Ocean Road starting in the coastal haven of Apollo Bay. This section of the road gives us a front-row seat to some of Australia’s most spectacular natural wonders. The 12 Apostles stand tall, their limestone stacks emerging from the Southern Ocean, a breathtaking sight that captures the imagination.

We then experience the 12 Apostles from an aerial view as we ride above them in helicopters for 25 minutes. Loch Ard Gorge holds the tragic story that gave the gorge its name.

As the ride continues, Port Campbell is our lunch stop. After lunch, we continue on the Great Ocean Road to view the dramatic formations of London Bridge and the Bay of Martyrs. Each twist and turn of the road reveals a new aspect of this rugged coastal landscape.

Warrnambool is our final stop for today, and we will visit the historic Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village. The evening show brings the past to life through captivating tales as we walk through the reconstructed village. A visual journey into Australia’s maritime history is shown and goes deep into explaining how dangerous ship voyages were along this coastline, including the Loch Ard’s.

Accommodation: Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs.

Day #9: Sunday, 30 March 2025 – Warrnambool, Vic to Echuca, Vic.

Riding: 399 Kilometres / 248 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Kickstands up 08:30. Today, we cruise north and leave the coast behind, our journey takes us to Sovereign Hill, an immersive living history museum that transports us back to the Australian gold rush era. Wander along the charming streets, interact with costumed characters, and witness traditional crafts and trade demonstrations.

From Sovereign Hill, we adventure through the heart of the State of Victoria as we ride to the Town of Echuca where we rest for the night. This iconic town along the Murray River invites you to step back to the past with its well-preserved paddle steamers and historic port area. We will spend the whole day tomorrow to exploring Echuca and the surrounding area.

Accommodation: Mercure Hotel Port of Echuca.

Day #10: Monday, 31 March 2025 – A Day in Echuca, Vic and the Local Area.

Riding: N/A.

Included Meals: Breakfast & Lunch.

Our bikes are parked for the day today. We explore the delights of Echuca, a journey into the charm of a bygone era, blended seamlessly with the vibrancy of a modern riverside town. As we explore Echuca, we’ll immerse ourselves in a delightful tapestry of history, culture, and scenic beauty. We’ll stroll along the historic port area, where beautifully preserved paddle steamers line the banks of the Murray River. These majestic vessels, a testament to Echuca’s pivotal role in the river trade during the 19th century, offer a glimpse into the region’s rich maritime heritage. Indulge your senses at the local markets, where fresh produce, handmade crafts, and regional specialties showcase the best of Echuca’s offerings. The town’s charming streets, adorned with historic architecture and unique boutiques, invite leisurely walks, allowing you to soak in the laid-back atmosphere.

A visit to Echuca wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing cruise along the Murray River on one of the iconic paddle steamers. Drift along the water, taking in the serene surroundings and enjoying the gentle rhythm of the river. Echuca comes alive in the evening, with the soft glow of streetlights reflecting on the historic facades, creating a warm and welcoming ambience.

Accommodation: Mercure Hotel Port of Echuca.

Day #11: Tuesday, 01 April 2025 – Echuca, Vic to Albury, NSW.

Riding: 293 Kilometres / 182 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Kickstands up 08:30. After a day of experiencing life in the historic riverport town of Echuca, we explore another part of Australian history as we ride to Glenrowan to find out about the legendary Bushranger Ned Kelly, delving into the captivating tales of this iconic Australian outlaw. The historical resonance of the region sets the stage for a ride that seamlessly blends history and adventure.

The road to Glenrowan offers views of the Australian countryside, inviting you to experience the freedom of the open road.

Having experienced the history, we now go to imaginary, the Ettamogah Pub, a uniquely Australian establishment known for its whimsical architecture and laid-back atmosphere. It’s a perfect spot for a refreshing break.

We head for Albury and our overnight accommodation. This border town seamlessly connects the States of New South Wales and Victoria, blending modern amenities and historical charm.

Accommodation: Mercure Hotel Albury.

Day #12: Wednesday, 02 April 2025 – Albury, NSW to Cooma, NSW.

Riding: 360 Kilometres / 244 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Kickstands up 08:30. After breakfast, we ride to the mountains, The Australian Snowy Mountains. Our first stop is visiting the Man from Snowy River Museum in Corryong, where the legends of the iconic Australian poem come to life. You may have even seen the movie. ‘The Man From Snowy River’.

We continue into the mountains through the picturesque landscapes to Khancoban. We will have a stop n’ stretch here.

Afterwards, we’ll stop at the Murray 1 Power Station Lookout, part of the Snowy Mountain Hydro Electric Scheme. Unfortunately, we cannot visit, but you will get the idea of what this project does.

We have entered the Kosciuszko National Park, stopping at Scammells Ridge Lookout to see the beauty of the Snowy Mountains, a scenic spectacle that opens before us. We are in the mountains, so the ride will be narrow and twisty.

When we reach the other side of the Kosciuszko National Park, a planned stop n’ stretch at Jindabyne, where we’ll choose a place to eat in the village. A little detour from the regular road as we head for our overnight stop at Cooma via Dalgety.

Accommodation: Redhill Cooma Motor Inn.

Day #13: Thursday, 03 April 2025Cooma, NSW to Bathurst, NSW.

Riding: 419 Kilometres / 261 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Kickstands up 08:30. This morning, we leave the alpine region and cruise towards the Nation’s Capital, Canberra, ACT, where we view it from the Mount Ainslie Lookout. The panoramic views of Australia’s capital city unfold before us, perfectly blending well-planned urban and natural beauty.

Leaving the capital behind we have a stop n’ stretch and a quirky turn with a visit to an iconic Australian landmark that is a testament to the country’s wool industry, The Big Merino. A unique photo opportunity awaits as you capture the spirit of this colossal sheep.

Just a short ride to the Rocky Hill War Memorial and Museum, offering a poignant pause to reflect on Australia’s military history. The museum’s exhibits and the panoramic views from Rocky Hill create a memorable interlude.

The home stretch beckons as we head for Bathurst’s iconic Australian motorsports hub. Bathurst is home to the renowned Mount Panorama circuit and offers a thrilling atmosphere for motorsports enthusiasts.

The Grand Prix Circuit Visitor Centre becomes a must-visit for those eager to delve into the excitement of racing history. We will even do a lap of what is the track on race days but a public road on all the others. The speed limit of 60 KPH is heavily enforced, two-way traffic with no centre lines, so stay left, particularly in the bends.

Accommodation: Bathurst Motor Inn.

Day #14: Friday, 04 April 2025 – Bathurst, NSW to Mudgee, NSW and back…

Riding: 306 Kilometres / 191 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast.

Today you can have a restful day looking around Bathurst or join the group as we do a day trip through history to Mudgee.

Our first stop is the historic gold rush town of Hill End. To get here, we traverse the winding roads, and the echoes of the past become palpable, adding a touch of nostalgia to our ride.

More country roads take us to Mudgee, and the iconic Robert Stein Winery and Motorcycle Museum awaits with its owner’s private collection of British motorcycles.

On our return leg we ride to Sofala, a charming village frozen in time. Quaint streets and historic buildings characterise this gold rush gem, offering a delightful glimpse into Australia’s history.

As we cruise back to Bathurst, the road rolls out like a ribbon, inviting you to relish the joy of open country roads.

Accommodation: Bathurst Motor Inn.

Day #15: Saturday, 05 April 2025 – Bathurst, NSW to Sydney, NSW.

Riding: 209 Kilometres / 130 Miles.

Included Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

Leaving Bathurst, the city of motorsports, behind, today’s ride takes us on a scenic route via Tarana, where the roads weave through picturesque landscapes.

A stop in Katoomba to visit the 3 Sisters adds the perfect touch to our last day on the road. With amazing views across the valley.

Upon arriving in Sydney, we return the motorcycles to the rental depot.

On the trip to our accommodation, we will stop at Morgan and Wackers HD Motorcycles in Auburn – a chance for the Harley aficionados to pick up some Harley-Davidson Australia memorabilia.

From here, we’ll then head to our last night’s accommodation and our final night’s dinner together.

Tonight, will be the time to relive our days on the road and reminisce about our experiences together.

Accommodation: Veriu Green Square.

Day #16: Sunday, 06 April 2025.

Included Meals: Breakfast

Depart for Home or Wherever Your Next Adventure Takes You…

You’re pretty much on your own today, but the Ride The World Motorcycle Tours and Freedom Biker Tours crew will be hanging around to help and say goodbye. 

Airport transfers are included.

Thank you for riding with:

Ride The World Motorcycle Tours and Freedom Biker Tours

Ride For Real and Find Your Freedom

Tour and Event Highlights


Night 1:          Hilton Hotel, Sydney

Night 2:          Hilton Hotel, Sydney

Night 3:          Shellharbour Resort and Conference Centre

Night 4:          Mariners On The Waterfront Hotel

Night 5:          Cann River Hotel

Night 6:          North Pier Hotel, Cowes

Night 7:          Best Western Apollo Bay

Night 8:          Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs

Night 9:          Mercure Port of Echuca

Night 10:        Mercure Port of Echuca

Night 11:        Mercure Hotel Albury

Night 12:        Redhill Cooma Motor Inn

Night 13:        Bathurst Motor Inn

Night 14:        Bathurst Motor Inn

Night 15:        Veriu Green Square

  • Transfers from/to Sydney Int’l Airport.
  • 3,516 km | 2,185 miles of ‘Throttle Therapy’.
  • Motorcycle Fuel Included.
  • Motorcycle Rentals included from ‘RIDE ROUND OZ’.
  • Ride The World Motorcycle Tours & Freedom Biker Tours Crew.
  • Support vehicle with water, snacks, first aid kit and luggage.
  • 15 nights’ accommodation.
  • 20 Meals (15 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 4 dinners).
  • Ride through the heart of 2 Australian States and 1 Territory, weaving through the storied landscapes of New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory.
  • Ride through the untamed beauty of 2 National Parks.
  • Meet face-to-face with Kangaroos and Koalas.
  • Enjoy an exhilarating ride along the Sea Cliff Bridge, where the road boldly extends over rugged coastal rocks.
  • Ride the Macquarie Pass, a local gem crowned with a pie shop at its summit, offering a taste of Aussie tradition.
  • Marvel at the sweeping panoramas from one of the Southeast Coast’s finest lookouts, Saddleback Mountain, which reveals nature’s grandeur.
  • Witness the legendary Kiama Blow Hole’s mesmerising display of nature’s raw power.
  • Feel the wind in your face as you trace the coastal curves of Highway 1, The Princes Highway, in New South Wales and Victoria.
  • Immerse yourself in Australia’s Naval Aviation history in Nowra, where tales of bravery and innovation take flight.
  • Indulge in local flavours along the way, savouring the tastes of the regions we pass through.
  • In Eden, uncover the tale of Tom, the Killer Whale who aided local whalers in their hunts.
  • Discover the history of Phillip Island Raceway, home to the adrenaline-fueled Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.
  • Dive into Australia’s surfing legacy near the iconic Bells Beach, made famous in the adrenaline-pumping classic “Point Break” (1991).
  • Soar high above the rugged 12 Apostles and the haunting Shipwreck Coast aboard a thrilling helicopter ride.
  • Cruise the twists and turns of the world-famous Great Ocean Road, tracing Victoria’s Shipwreck Coast with stops along the way.
  • In Warrnambool, we travel into the maritime history of the Shipwreck Coast, including the tragic tale of the Loch Ard.
  • Cruise through the picturesque Victorian countryside, where you discover and realize the true expanse of the Australian continent.
  • At Sovereign Hill, trace Australia’s Goldfields history, where the golden glimmer of the past still echoes through time.
  • In Echuca, drift along the Murray River aboard a historic Paddlewheel, soaking in the timeless beauty of Australia’s historic lifeline.
  • Unearth Australia’s outlaw lore at Glenrowan, the final haunt of notorious bushrangers, including the infamous Bushranger Ned Kelly
  • Visit Australia’s quirkiest pub, The Ettamogah Pub, immortalised in its own cartoon series
  • At Corryong, discover the rugged tale of “The Man From Snowy River,” a legendary figure of Australian folklore
  • Conquer the vast expanse of the Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales’s largest, where untamed wilderness awaits
  • Gaze upon the iconic sights of Australia’s National Capital, Canberra, from a breathtaking vantage point
  • In Goulburn find the World’s Largest Merino Ram statue, an ode to Australia’s agricultural heritage
  • Feel the thrill of the Mt. Panorama track at Bathurst, a public road transformed into a racing legend
  • At Hill End unearth the golden secrets of New South Wales’s Gold mining past, where tales of fortune and adventure lie buried.
  • Embarking on a journey down the best backroads of Victoria and New South Wales, where each turn promises a new discovery.

What’s Included:

  • Motorcycle Rental of Harley-Davidson or BMW.
  • 15 Night’s Accommodation.
  • 21 Meals.
  • Taxes for Included Meals.
  • Motorcycle Fuel.
  • Park Fees & Taxes.
  • Attraction Fees & Taxes
  • Excursion Fees & Taxes.
  • Guides.
  • Support Vehicle with First Aid Kit, Water, Soft Drinks and Snacks.
  • And all other Taxes…

Not Included:

  • Airfares.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Anything not mentioned above…

Please note that we reserve the right to remain adaptable to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions that may arise while on tour; the daily schedule may be adjusted accordingly. Your tour remains paramount; we will ensure the tour meets your fullest expectations. 

Tour Dates:

TourDate fromDate toBooking deadline
Ride Australia’s Southeast22-Mar-2506-Apr-2522 Dec-24

Riding Season – Late Summer 10.9 – 20.3°C (51.6 – 68.5°F)

Prices (AUD) Australia Dollars:

PeopleMotorcycleRoomFrom in AUD per person (PP)
11 Rental Motorcycle1 SingleAUD20,899.00 PP
22 Rental Motorcycle1 Twin / DoubleAUD18,215.00 PP
22 Rental Motorcycles1 Twin / DoubleAUD15,859.00 PP

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If you wish to bring your own motorcycle please contact us for a price.

How to make this happen?

Step #1: To start booking your tour with Ride The World Motorcycle Tours complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible with all the details.

Step #2: Once we have contacted you we can start the booking process. The rental contract though booked through Freedom Biker Tours and Ride The World Motorcycle Tours is exclusively between the Tour Participant (renter) and the rental company, ‘BikeRoundOz’. Freedom Biker Tours and Ride The World Motorcycle Tours assume no liability.

The Motorcycle rental includes a choice of a Harley-Davidson touring model, or a BMW GS Model, so book early to ensure your preferred model as all are subject to availability at the time of reservation.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles come with Windscreen or Fairing, Rider Floorboards and Passenger Floorboards or Pegs, Saddle Bags, and Passenger Backrest.

BMW Motorcycles come with Windscreen or Fairing, Rider and Passenger Foot Pegs, Saddle Bags, and Passenger Backrest if the optional Top Box is added by the renter.   

Some Ancillary options and Accessories are available depending on the model of the Motorcycle and are subject to availability.

Damage Deposit | Security Bond

A per bike damage deposit of AUD2,500.00 is required for each rental at the time of pick-up. The amount is determined by the model of Motorcycle you are renting. The rental company (BikeRoundOz) will take this deposit in the form of a pre-authorization on the tour participant’s credit card. This is not a charge, merely a pre-authorization. When the bike is returned with no damage, the pre-authorization will be released.

The Terms and Conditions of the Motorcycle rental with BikeAroundOz supersede those of Ride The World Motorcycle Tours and Freedom Biker Tours. For complete details of the Terms and Conditions of the Motorcycle rental with BikeAroundOz, please click this link:

Motorcycle Rental Terms and Conditions

Included with each bike rental is the following:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Insurance
  • Unlimited Mileage

Step #3: Make arrangements to get your butt to Sydney, Australia. Freedom Biker Tours works with the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association and their Travel Agency Division ‘CMTA Travel Services’. If you need the services of a Travel Agent for your airfare or anything else, let us know. Please note that you MUST have travel insurance and it must specify that you are riding a motorcycle on a tour.

Transfers to/from Sydney Airport and first and last-night hotels are included. Upon arrival, connect with the Ride The World Motorcycle Tours and Freedom Biker Tours Crew, and Find Your Freedom…

Go to for all the booking details go to Ride The World Motorcycle Tours.

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